Acrylic Pouring Mistakes

Don’t let acrylic pouring mistakes get you down!

Acrylic pouring mistakes are part of the process but I know it can be frustrating too. You have these specific visions in your head and you’ve watched 100 hours of youtube videos but it’s not coming together.

If you are struggling with your acrylic paint pours, including muddy colors, no cells, stretched cells, small cells or other issues I can help! Let’s break down your process, paints, mediums, and additives so you can achieve the results you want.

How acrylic pour coaching work?

After you book your slot using the online calendar below, I’ll send you an email with a few questions – mainly around your biggest struggle or acrylic pouring mistakes. The most common are not getting enough cells or having colors that are muddy and running. But I can also help with creating more consistency, doing larger acrylic pours or simply how to get started with acrylic pouring.

Our session

We’ll meet live on zoom (app download required) so that I can see your paint process in action. You’ll need paints, medium, canvas, and any other things you use in your process. Not sure what to use? Check out my acrylic pouring supplies list

We’ll mix paint together, we’ll dissect your recipe, we’ll figure out your issues and problems and come up with a solution together. 

Sound good?  To get started select a slot in the online calendar below!