We have some dogs

Dewey - 2007-2017

The best dog. He was our first puppy and our best puppy. It’s still too hard to write or talk much about our sweet boy. He had the biggest heart, a gentle old soul, and a total goofball. One of his many nicknames was “space cadet”. He was super smart so I taught him a bunch of tricks over the years. Anytime someone would get him a cookie (to see a trick), he would get so excited that he would do every trick he knew in 5 seconds flat. He made everyone laugh.

Frosty - 2008-2022

Frosty joined us when Dewey was a year old. They bonded pretty quickly and spent the next 7 years together without any other dog-siblings. But they couldn’t be more different. Strong-willed, fierce, badass, and a bit crazy, Frosty was the most challenging dog I’ve ever had. Everything we went through gave us a bond that was stronger than anything I’ve ever known. He was and always will be my heart dog. Sadly my boy passed away in October 2022 at 14 years and 3 months. I am forever grateful for having been able to love and share so many years with him.


The little border collie that broke our fostering streak. We had been fostering a few years without ever adopting. THEN this little nugget was born in foster care (our home) and returned to rescue after adoption. Clearly we weren’t giving her up again. She’s fun, super smart, and always up to go somewhere or do ANYTHING. I frequently tell people that “she’s alright” but really, she’s brilliant. Her little brain could power a small town…going and going…thinking and plotting.

Dewey, Frosty, Snow, and Ava

People ask me all the time how I got this photo. When this session started, they were all sitting.
But, when you take 1,279 photos, dogs get over it. And slowly they started to fall.
I think Ava went first. She’s blind and deaf and gets over things quickly. And then one by one they all fell.
And then I dropped to the ground and they all started to close their eyes.
It was not magic. I took 1,279 photos and this is what I have to show for it.
*Dewey, of course, was the holdout. But I think that’s perfect.

Ava Belle

Also returning to the island, is Ava Belle. We fostered Ava and she wa adopted and then returned a year later to rescue. Basically, don’t return our foster dogs because I can’t afford any more dogs. Ava is a double merle and as such, she is blind and deaf. Don’t feel bad for her though, she is living her best life. She doesn’t miss a beat.  She runs up and down the stairs and navigates our yard like a champ – always finding the stinkiest things to roll in. She can be difficult to live with sometimes but she’s super easy to love.

Peach (with a side of Frosty)

Peach came to use as a foster (pattern, much?) BUT she never left. I’m not sure that’s better, but I am sure our life would be a lot quieter without her. I love her AND she barks at all the things. So, Miss Princess Peach is a pretty happy go lucky chick now, but it wasn’t always that way. When she arrived at our home she wouldn’t walk on any surface or come near us at all. Things have clearly changed a lot for Peach and now she has blossomed into a little spitfire and cuddle bug.


Winter joined our family in the fall of 2017 as a wee little 8 week old puppy. It took awhile to be ready for another dog after losing Dewey, and Winter came along at the perfect time. Like Ava, Winter is also a double merle but she has full sight and is deaf only in her right ear. She is an amazing puppy (way too easy!) and makes  every day silly! She loves playing with her sisters and she looks up to her big brother Frosty (who has been especially patient). She loves to go for rides in the car, playing tug, and sleeping in the big bed at night. 


Obi Obi Obi! Such a little dog with a huge pesonality. Obi came to use at 2 years of age with a lot of anxiety. It was honestly not fair to adopt him out and put all of his issues on a family that just wanted a dog to love and hang out with. So here he stayed and we love every inch of him and even his wild tantrums where he lashes out and thinks he’s going to kill us (but at 8 pounds, it’s not really an issue). He loves to hang out with Peach and Winnie or chase after a cat or two.

Mama (Snow)

This is Snow’s mom. She was adopted after having her litter of puppies (one of which was Snow) but then five years later she was returned. And if it’s not clear by now, if you return one of my foster dogs, it is HIGHLY unlikely they will be adopted out again. I have trust issues. So does Mama. She is also a double merle and is deaf with some vision issues. That doesn’t stop her from running circles around mea and playing a lot (A LOT) of disc.

We also have some cats

Stormy - 1999-2008



Twister (The Kitten)